Danielle Werner



I have sought out opportunities that could develop my skills and give me experiences that could help me on my way to a fulfilling career.

Work Experience

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+ Technical Customer Support Agent – Intelligent Retail (February 2013–present)

I am now working at Intelligent Retail in the customer support department. My day-to-day work involves helping customers when they call in with technical or how-to questions or issues, as well as other side projects. I am also undergoing training in areas such as SQL. I am lucky to be supported in my desire to continue learning and contributing to the company and our customers.

+ Customer Service Assistant – Marks & Spencer (September 2012–February 2013)

I was stationed at the customer service desk, dealing with refunds, exchanges, account payments and customer orders in a friendly and polite manner. I regularly needed to deliver unwanted news; I endeavoured to please the customer as much as possible while also balancing the needs of the company as a profitable business and working within policy boundaries. I strived to maintain an orderly environment, using free moments to clean and organise the area. I also frequently handled enquiries over the phone, as well as customer complaints in general. I assisted in the training of new employees, and I received positive feedback from them on my teaching style. I sometimes had to make quick decisions without a supervisor nearby, and I was commended and fully trusted to do so. I was, in fact, called a "superstar" by my coach.

+ Personal Assistant/Technical Support/Administrator – Newbury Hall International School (May 2012–June 2012)

Originally a one-week job at Newbury Hall International School following the end of my course, I was chosen to stay on until the end of term, resulting in six weeks of varied experience. My duties included administrative work, providing IT support when needed, assisting the headmaster in his daily tasks and striving to improve the overall organisation of the school's main office. Additionally, I worked with the systems administrator and web developer to improve the school's website and reporting systems, and I independently created video tutorials and how-to guides for the staff on how to use various features of the bespoke system. Technical support provided included explaining the difference between a computer password and an email password, as well as setting up a new laptop for the head teacher with access to the school's VPN and installing necessary software.

+ Student Guider – Oxford Brookes University (2010–2012)

Building on my history of taking younger or uninitiated students under my wing, I was a student guider at my university on multiple occasions. I welcomed prospective students and gave them a tour of the campus, answering any questions they may have about the occupational therapy course or Oxford student life in general.

+ Bug Tester and User Interface Consultant – Newbury Hall International School (2010–2012

I assisted in developing Newbury Hall's current website and unique administrative systems by advising the developer on the design and usability of the site, as well as systematically testing each existing and new feature. This role involved carefully testing each function and purposely trying to cause unexpected behaviour; when problems did occur, I documented for the developer exactly what happened, sometimes using screen capture while replicating the problem to demonstrate it. This was a part-time, as needed position that I held while pursuing my degree.

+ Nursery Assistant – Kangacrew (December 2010–June 2011)

Looking for a job that would help develop my understanding of child development and give me some childcare experience outside of babysitting, I joined Kangacrew, working whenever a full-time nursery worker was absent. I helped take care of children between the ages of six months and six years. This was a part-time position that I held while pursuing my degree.

Volunteering Experience

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+ Facilitator and Data Handler of Exchange Programme – Oxford Brookes University (2012)

I was eager to assist with an exchange programme between Oxford Brookes University and Tokyo Metropolitan University. I participated in a collaborative research project using a virtual reality system, and I was selected by my former lecturers to do the data input because of my finesse with computers.

+ Bethesda OT Department – George, South Africa (July 2012–August 2012)

Bethesda is a charity organisation that includes an inpatient unit for both adults and children, a children’s home and a community support network. I worked with the occupational therapist and assistant to promote normal development in children with malnourishment, fetal alcohol syndrome and other conditions, who are being cared for in the inpatient unit, the children's home or in the community. I used the opportunity to shadow and assist in the treatment of adults with stroke, HIV/AIDS and cancer, among others

+ Assistant Middle School Librarian – ACS Cobham International School (August 2009–September 2009)

My responsibilities included checking books in and out, restocking the shelves, preparing new books and assisting students and teachers in finding interesting and appropriate books. I took great pride in ensuring that the books lined up straight on the shelves and in order. Towards the end, I was left in charge for a week while the librarian left for professional development reasons; at the same time, a parent started volunteering, and I was charged with helping her to learn the system used by the library, as well as how the days generally pan out. I still keep a card from the librarian, who thanked me for being so helpful and commended me for my great attitude when assisting the visitors to the library, particularly the children.