Danielle Werner


Hi there!

My name is Danielle Werner. I'm a technical support agent in a retail software company. I originally graduated in 2012 from Oxford Brookes University in the UK with a 2.1 BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy.

My interests vary, but central to everything is my passion and aptitude for technology. I have always been a quick and curious learner, particularly when it comes to new gadgets and computers. I am fascinated by human behaviour, which has led to personal intellectual invesitigations into mythology, evolution and anthropology. I am also interested in education, healthcare and science, and how technology can lead to improvements in all of these.

I feel very at home with technology, having gone through my life so far eagerly exploring and solving issues that arise on my own (with a little help from Google, of course).

This site is a work in progress as I tackle HTML and CSS. This is just one of several projects I'm working on as I learn new skills. The site is not perfect, as I am not a professional, merely an individual keen to grow and develop.